Accessibility Statement

The Secretary General of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting commits to making its website accessible in compliance with Article 47 of Act° 2005-102 of 11 February 2005.

This Accessibility Statement is applied to

Conformance Status is in partial conformance to the general guidelines to improve accessibility because of the non-conformance listed below.

Test Results

Conformance tests conducted by the Isobar company on the entire website found that:

  • The average conformance rate of the online service is 96%, on the basis of the analysis conducted by the tool Tanaguru.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is not accessible for the following reasons.



  • Certain online sections do not have a heading, or have a heading that is insufficient to understand the detailed function;
  • Because of erroneous language attributes, content could be vocally reproduced incorrectly;
  • Pages are correctly structured with zone tags, but need to be optimized so that they can be fully used;
  • PDF documents are not accessible and do not have an accessible alternative, for the most part.

These problems are being studied so that they can be corrected.

Content that is not subject to the accessibility requirement.

The following elements are exempt as they have been provided by third parties that are not under the control of the Ministry:

  • The YouTube player used to play video content on the website;
  • The cookies management module Tarteaucitron.

Establishment of this Accessibility Statement

This statement was established on 15/01/2021.

Technologies used to create the website:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • CMS Drupal, version 8

User agents, assistance technologies and tools used to check accessibility

The following tools were used during the assessment:

  • Chrome (plugin Axe)
  • Extension Web Developer;
  • Developer tools integrated in the Firefox browser;
  • W3C HTML validator.
  • Tanaguru
  • Contrast Finder (for colour conformance)

All the website pages that were subject to conformance checks by Tanaguru.

Feedback and Contact Information

If you are unable to access a specific service or content, you can contact the website manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or to obtain the content in a different form.

Complaint Procedure

This procedure is to be used in the following case.

If you inform the website manager of an accessibility problem that prevents you from accessing a specific service or content and you have not received a satisfactory response: