Social responsibility policy and “gender equality event” label

Organization of the ATCM

Setting an example environmentally, socially and economically is a priority for the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

The actions undertaken by the Secretariat-General of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (SGATCM) to ensure a high-quality welcome, raise public awareness of ATCM issues in terms of the environment, limit the Meeting’s environmental footprint through actions regarding sustainable digital technology, and purchase responsibly enabled the Meeting to secure ISO 20121 certification – sustainable management systems applied to events.

The SGATCM’s efforts towards gender equality in preparing the Meeting also saw it awarded the “Equality at a Major Event” label.

Logo Label

For the organization of the ATCM in Paris in 2021, the host country secretariat has undertaken a certification process under the international standard for “sustainable events” (ISO 20121) and the “Gender Equality Event” label.

This process was set in motion by the definition of a social responsibility policy and the adoption of a charter for the promotion of gender equality. These two documents can be consulted via the links below.

Gender Equality Engagement Charter

Reporting system

In accordance with the Gender Equality Engagement Charter adopted for this meeting, a reporting system is being put in place to prevent moral and/or sexual harassment, as well as gender-based discrimination.

This confidential and independent reporting system is available to ministry staff, stakeholders, local actors and economic entities involved in organizing the 43rd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting. It has the telephone number and email address below:

Contact information

This system has been set up in compliance with French law and may receive reports of any sexist or sexual behaviour over which France has territorial jurisdiction.